Help us Restore the PLF

Ohio Libraries Return on investment

Public Library services in OHIO are worth $2.7 Billion

Ohio has the highest Library use per capita in the U. S.

Our Library is funded 51 percent by the state, 47 percent by tax levies and 2 percent other funds.

Did you know that libraries are the most popular public service in Ohio?  More than 8.7 million Ohioans are library card holders - that is more than three-fourths of Ohio's population. Public libraries play an essential role in the community, improve the quality of life, and give everyone a chance to succeed.

Public libraries in Ohio are state funded for many reasons. Unlike other states, any Ohioan can use any public library in any community. Individuals do not have to be a member of a specific community to use its library.  Also, the Ohio Public Library Information Network (OPLIN) provides internet access to Ohioans via all 251 public libraries and their branches. OPLIN can be called the backbone of library connectivity in Ohio which allows equal access to all.  Funding is also equalized in Ohio, which helps provide a high standard of library service to its citizens regardless of economic factors.

It is important that our state officials restore the Public Library Fund to its original 2.22% of the General Revenue Fund. Ohio Public Libraries now receive only 1.7% of the GRF. This is more than a 24% drop in funding - July 1, 2017, funding drops again to 1.6% of the GRF. Public libraries currently receive about the same amount of state funding they received in 1996. Get to the phones or open your laptop and let our elected officials know how important the public Library fund is to you and how desperately it needs to be restored. Tell them how vital libraries are to you, your family, and your community.

To email our officials, either click their name or use the provided phone number.

Gov. John Kasich  614: 466-3555 

Rep. Dick Stein   419-668-7417

Sen. Gayle Manning  614: 644-761

Rep. Nathan Manning  614:  644-5076

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