2 GRAFTON-MIDVIEW PUBLIC LIBRARY || SEPTEMBER-DECEMBER 2021 || REGISTER ONLINE AT GMPLIBRARY.ORG When the Library closed its doors during COVID-19, local historian Doris Wildenheim called and asked to meet with me. You may know Doris as the writer of a news column in the Rural-Urban and the author of the popular book 190 Years,1817-2007: Grafton, Ohio - Our Heritage Trail . She was also the president of the Grafton Village History Association (GVHA). I consider her our local village historian and a friend. When we met, Doris had good news and bad news! Unfortunately, she announced the GVHA was closing up. She wanted to present a donation from GVHA to Grafton-Midview Public Library. Sadly, a vital organization was closing its doors. It was now time to beef up our work at the Library on local history! I want to publicly thank the members of GVHA for their generosity and for offering us the chance to continue their work. At GMPL, you will find physical resources in our second-floor meeting room, aptly named the Doris Wildenheim History Room. Our digital collection is available through our website on Biblioboard at This database is open and accessible to anyone. However, since receiving this donation, Kari Mariner, a youth services librarian at GMPL, has brought her history background expertise and joined with Fred Backstrom to provide new ways for our community to engage with their past. This summer, they encouraged you to get out outside and explore GRAFTON WALKS to see the historical sites, homes, churches, and cemeteries in the area. So get moving, as there is plenty to see! Prepared maps and snippets of information are are available on our website to begin your journey. These historians also created our first-ever Library podcast titled Postcards from Grafton. Kari and Fred go down memory lane by interviewing local people about historic buildings, disasters, and events through the years. This podcast is available at or wherever you listen to your favorite podcast. Tune in as you may have an opportunity to win a free Ancestry DNA Kit from Our goal at Grafton-Midview Public Library is to continue this work with more stories to learn and understand our past. If you have a tale to tell, we would love to hear it! Contact me at . - Adele Infante FROM THE DIRECTOR... We're exploring the most fascinating people and places in our community and everything in between with our new podcast: Postcards from Grafton . We're getting updates about the Old Grafton School, chatting with local author Renee Durkee Atkinson, exploring a Civil War era murder, sharing Library memories, and more. New episodes drop weekly on Mondays and our first season runs through August 9. You can find Postcards from Grafton in Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon, and more. Visit our official podcast site at Having trouble with your laptop or phone? Want help digitizing your old photos or learning the best ways to organize and save them for the future? Need to learn how to use digital books with Overdrive for an upcoming trip? Tech Tutor appointments provide one-on-one assistance for all of your technology related questions. Call or visit the Information Desk to book an individual session with a tutor! TECH TUTOR We are proud to partner with local nonprofit PCs for People to host an ongoing electronics drive to support our community! PCs for People is a national organization that works to get low-cost quality computers and internet into the homes of low-income individuals and families. By recycling and refurbishing computers, PCs for People provides a valuable service to individuals, families, businesses, and the planet by keeping computers out of landfills and repurposing them to bridge the digital divide. Please take part in our ongoing tech recycling drive starting on September 1 by bringing in your old electronics to be refurbished! See our website for a list of accepted items. Need tech or internet? PCs for People can help with that too! Learn more at